Residents of the Moscow region warned about strong wind and ice

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Moscow region headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations issued an emergency warning of strong wind and ice until Saturday morning, according to the agency's website.

“According to the weather forecast of the federal state budgetary institution” Central Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring “from 20:00 on March 12, with preservation until 10:00 am on March 13th, snow, a blizzard, increased wind with gusts of 15-17 meters per second is expected in places in the Moscow region . Ice on the roads, “- said in the message.

Rescuers advise to move carefully in case of ice, elderly people use a cane. Drivers are advised to observe the speed limit, take into account the traffic intensity, road and natural conditions, do not develop a speed higher than the weather and road conditions allow, be careful at intersections and pedestrian crossings, keep a distance, do not drive on summer tires.

In case of gusty winds, it is recommended to remove things from the yard and balconies, cut dry trees that can cause damage. It is advised to put the car in a garage or away from trees and weakly reinforced structures. Pedestrians are advised to bypass rickety structures and houses with an unstable roof, and avoid trees.

“In case of snow: refrain from driving around the city in a private vehicle; since power supply may be interrupted, get ready for a power outage … beware of structural parts and objects hanging on buildings, broken wires of power lines, broken glass and other sources of danger”, – added to the message.

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