One hundred-year-old Russian woman received the second vaccination against COVID-19

S.-PETERSBURG, 12 March – RIA Novosti. A resident of the Pskov region, who will turn 102 in May, has undergone the second stage of vaccination against COVID-19, according to the headquarters of the region.

In February, it was reported that one of the oldest residents of the Pskov region, Emilia Osipovna Voltukhova, was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“On March 12, 101-year-old resident of the Strugokrasnensky district, Emilia Voltukhova, received the second vaccination against COVID-19. After the first stage of vaccination, the pensioner felt good and did not complain about anything,” the message says.

On Friday, the chief physician of the interdistrict hospital visited her. Voltukhova showed him her album and told him about her relatives.

According to the charitable foundation “Raise the Heart”, Voltukhova has been living since 2011 in the Novoselsky boarding house for the elderly and disabled in the Strugo-Krasnensky district of the Pskov region. For her 101st birthday, she received a multifunctional bed as she cannot walk after a hip fracture.

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