Moscow has exceeded the plan of the national export project in 2020

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The volume of industrial exports of Moscow in 2020 reached 36 billion dollars, exceeding the planned regional figure by 54%, which was laid down in the national export project, the press service of the city department of investment and industrial policy (DIPP) reports.

“Industrial companies of the capital managed to exceed the annual regional indicator of the national project” International Cooperation and Export “already in the first nine months of 2020. Producers of products of the agro-industrial complex – for 11 months. So, last year, industrial exports of Moscow amounted to 36 billion dollars, which is 54. 3% more than planned, and the export of agricultural products – 3.8 billion dollars, which is 18.8% more than planned, “said Vladimir Yefimov, Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, quoted by the press service.

The report notes that over the past five years, the volume of non-resource non-energy exports of Moscow has doubled. If in 2015 the figure was at the level of $ 19 billion, then in 2020 it reached a record figure – just under $ 40 billion.

The Department of Investment and Industrial Policy is the responsible body for the implementation of the regional indicators of the international cooperation and export national project in Moscow. To achieve these indicators in 2019, we created the Mosprom Center for Support and Development of Industrial Export, which is responsible for all aspects foreign economic activity of large and medium-sized businesses in industry and the agro-industrial complex. Last year, despite the pandemic, thanks to the support of the Center, Moscow companies signed 91 export contracts and 27 agreements with foreign buyers, “said the head of the department, Alexander Prokhorov. Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Moscow city

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