More than 200 TPSG projects in the Khabarovsk Territory will receive one hundred million rubles

KHABAROVSK, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. More than 200 projects of territorial public self-governments (TPSG) of the Khabarovsk Territory this year will receive financial support from the regional budget, 100 million rubles will be allocated for the development of territories, the regional government reports. “The results of the competition for TPSG projects have been summed up. 201 projects have been selected by the decision of the commission, which will receive financial support. . From the regional treasury for these purposes will be allocated 100 million rubles. Funding for the implementation of their initiatives will receive 79 municipalities of the region, “- said the department.

It is noted that the largest number of winners (53) represent the Lazo district. Another 26 TPSGs are implementing their projects in the Khabarovsk region, 23 – in the Komsomolsk region. In addition, with regional participation, projects will be implemented in the Amursky, Verkhnebureinsky, Nikolaevsky, Bikinsky, Ayano-Maisky, Vyazemsky, Vaninsky, Sovetsko-Gavansky, Solnechny, Nanaisky, Okhotsk, named after Polina Osipenko regions. TPSs of Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur will also receive support.

For the first time, 5 million rubles will be distributed among TOS legal entities. In addition to regional funds, funds from citizens (over 70 million rubles), as well as funds from municipalities of the region (over 6 million rubles) will be allocated for the implementation of projects. “The initiatives of fellow countrymen should be stimulated and provided with finances. It is very important when people themselves take part in development and implementation of socially significant projects. I was convinced of this, communicating with residents of Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, regions of the region “- said the acting governor of the region Mikhail Degtyarev.

In total, 528 applications were submitted to the TOS competition this year, 6 of which were submitted in the status of legal entities. Most of the initiatives are aimed at the construction of playgrounds, landscaping, the installation of sports facilities, the reconstruction of monuments, the restoration of squares and wells, the organization of lighting and drainage. “Currently, 977 TOS operates in the territory of the region. Only in the quarter of this year, their number increased by This rapid growth is primarily due to the decision of the Acting Governor of the Territory to increase grant support for this area by 25 million rubles in November 2020, “said Alexei Sapa, Head of the Main Department of Internal Policy of the Khabarovsk Territory.

According to the regional government, competitions among territorial public self-governments have been held in the Khabarovsk Territory since 2016. During this time, more than 800 citizens' initiatives have already been implemented.

In addition, in 2020, 42 projects were supported for competitions of youth projects for the provision of grants to the governor of the region. On the initiative of Degtyarev, the Amur Youth Educational Forum was given the status of the Okrug in 2021.

In the period from July to October 2020, about 160 of the best youth representatives of the region took part in international, all-Russian, district forums. 10 representatives of the region became the winners of the all-Russian competition of youth projects. The total amount of support was over 5.5 million rubles. Also by order of Degtyarev, the sixth composition of the Youth Government was approved. “Degtyarev is consistently building a dialogue with the civil society of the region. Most decisions on important issues are made by him after consultation with the public. He believes in the potential of the inhabitants of the region and intends to stimulate it, starting from a young age. That is why significant some of the grants allocated by the regional government are aimed at young people, “the department of internal policy of the region noted.

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