In Ukraine, Poroshenko recalled the words about the benefits of the “Kharkiv agreements”

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian media recalled the words he said in 2010 to ex-President Petro Poroshenko that the “Kharkov agreements” are mutually beneficial and protect the interests of both Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier, NSDC secretary Aleksey Danilov said that the Security Service was instructed to check the circumstances of the ratification of the “Kharkov agreements” of 2010 on the presence of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, against the deputies who voted on this issue, they can initiate a case under the article “treason.”

“To the treasury of Poroshenko's memories and the Kharkiv agreements. Here is a video of how Petro Poroshenko in his native Russian explains in detail to Mustafa Nayem how mutually beneficial the Kharkiv agreements were,” reads a message published on Friday in the Telegram channel of the edition and circulated the rest of the Ukrainian media.

Also attached to the publication is a video with a clipping from the plot, where Poroshenko claims that both Russia and Ukraine came to the “Kharkiv agreements” in 2010 when they were looking for mutually acceptable terms of cooperation and the formula for international payment for gas. Poroshenko then said, commenting on this situation, that both Russia and Ukraine defended their interests.

In April 2010, Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement in Kharkov extending the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017 by 25 years with the possibility of further extending the agreement for five-year periods upon mutual agreement of the parties. In exchange, Ukraine received a discount on the purchase of Russian gas at $ 100 per thousand cubic meters. The Verkhovna Rada on April 27, 2010 ratified the agreements, the decision was supported by 236 deputies. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, Rada deputies are not legally responsible for the results of voting or statements in parliament and its bodies, with the exception of liability for insult or defamation.

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