In Mozhaisk, a doctor was acquitted in the case of causing death by negligence

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Mozhaisk City Court of the Moscow Region issued an acquittal against a local female surgeon, who was accused of causing death to a patient by negligence.

As follows from the text of the decision at the disposal of RIA Novosti, the criminal case was initiated after the events in the surgical department of the Mozhaisk Central District Hospital at the end of March 2017. Patient K. was admitted to the department with suspected thrombosis of the left femoral artery, as well as complaints of freezing, numbness and pain in the left foot. Doctor I. began rheological therapy for K. (drug therapy aimed at stimulating blood flow – ed.) And called a vascular surgeon for a consultation.

The latter interviewed and examined the patient, after which he concluded that K. was developing gangrene, requiring amputation and constant conservative treatment. At the same time, the patient's health began to deteriorate – according to the prosecution, due to rheological therapy, tissue death products entered his body, causing thrombosis. K. was transferred to intensive care, however, despite the efforts of the doctors, he died in less than a day.

On this fact, a case was initiated on “causing death by negligence as a result of improper performance by a person of professional duties.” The investigation considered that in I.'s actions, namely in her decision to start rheological therapy, “criminal negligence in the form of negligence” is seen. It was also noted that she “did not foresee the likelihood of the onset of negative consequences for K.'s health, including death, if the conservative treatment prescribed by her continued.” The prosecution argued that with proper treatment, K.'s life could have been spared.

The court began considering this case only in March 2020. The doctor pleaded not guilty to the alleged crime, insisting that the patient was admitted in a form that did not require emergency surgery. Together with the vascular surgeon, they saw that the man needed drug treatment, and the operation could be performed 2-3 days after it.

In an interview with the agency, the defendant's lawyer Vladimir Neupokoev indicated that, according to the witnesses interviewed in the court, K. had withheld some information about his health. “In particular, the case indicates that K.'s leg pain came suddenly, but the witnesses said that he suffered for a long time because of this, but did not go to the doctors. Three days before hospitalization, he did not work because of pain, but turned to specialists at the last moment, “the defender said.

Neupokoev added that the absence of I.'s guilt was obvious to the professional community, but not to the law enforcement officers. “Two examinations carried out in the case indicated that I. was not guilty of K.'s death – she acted in accordance with the recommendations and instructions, and the man Late asked for help. Unfortunately, in view of the generally unsatisfactory state of health of the patient, his death occurred. The third examination, carried out, in our opinion, unprofessionally, was recognized by the court as biased and unreliable. The prosecutor's office knew about its quality, but still built the accusation around her, “added the lawyer.

In the verdict, the court pointed out that the evidence collected in the case did not testify to I.'s guilt, after which it issued an acquittal. The woman was also granted the right to rehabilitation.

Neupokoev concluded that because of the criminal case, the doctor had to leave the medical institution. “Of course, we are pleased with the court's decision, however, unfortunately, the case is not over yet – there is no doubt that the prosecutor's office will appeal the verdict,” the lawyer complained.

To date, RIA Novosti does not have any comments from the investigating authorities and the prosecutor's office.

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