In Crimea, they named the goals of Kiev's strategy for the “de-occupation” of the peninsula

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Sergei Tsekov, member of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs from the Republic of Crimea, called the strategy of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister to “return” Crimea as another empty statement. He told about this in an interview with RT. “Just another loud figurative statement. Which, of course, will not lead to the return of Crimea to Ukraine. First of all, it is aimed at the internal, so to speak, listener, at the citizens of Ukraine,” he said.

The senator noted that this statement is also directed at the “external masters of Ukraine” in support of the anti-Russian course.

“For Ukraine, the most useful would be to recognize the justice and legality of Crimea being a part of Russia and improve relations with it. This would be an important strategic program for Ukraine for the future,” the senor concluded.

Seven years ago, Crimea became part of Russia after a referendum on the peninsula. Ukraine still considers it its own, but temporarily occupied territory.

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