Danger of stuffed pancakes revealed

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Filled pancakes can be dangerous if sanitary standards are not followed during their manufacture and storage. According to RBC, this was stated by the chief freelance nutritionist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Tutelyan.

Tutelyan explained that when added to pancakes, the risk of microbiological spoilage increases dramatically, since there are different storage requirements for each filling. The most dangerous, according to the academician, are pancakes with boiled meat, cottage cheese and fish. These foods are considered perishable, he said, recommending regular pancakes.

The dietitian generally advised to give preference to baked goods without any additives. If necessary, you can separately buy products to add to pancakes and put them in a dish to taste, he explained.

Earlier, therapist Timur Asanov said that it is recommended to eat from three to six pancakes at one meal, this will avoid indigestion, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, additional stress on the pancreas, as well as “pancake overdose”.

These days, Maslenitsa is celebrated in Russia – an ancient Slavic holiday with numerous customs, which has come down to our days through the centuries. It is celebrated during the week before Lent. Shrovetide in 2021 falls on the week of March 8-14. Treats with pancakes are one of the main attributes of the holiday.

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