Children were offered to be placed in centers for offenders with parental consent

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation sees that there is now a request to place children in a temporary detention center for juvenile offenders not only by a court decision, but also with parental consent, said the deputy head of the department Denis Gribov.

“It would be possible to maximally expand the boundaries, revise the meaning of the content, activities of temporary detention centers. Maybe I will say a provocative thing, maybe it was even discussed, you can adjust the legislation and allow the possibility of placing children not only by a court decision, but maybe by parental consent. The need for such, in fact exists, “- said Gribov during a round table on the topic” Working with minors on the prevention of delinquency in temporary detention. “

He noted that sometimes parents do not know what to do with a child, who cannot explain what can and cannot be done, who begins to do everything that he is told not to do. According to Gribov, the only thing that can affect him in such a situation is the replacement of the destructive agenda that the child has in his head with a positive one.

The Deputy Minister also added that the Ministry of Education, for its part, is ready to support the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to which these centers are subordinate, with methodological assistance, staffing, ready to join in joint work in order to create another grid of points of correct constructive influence on the child.

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