Analysts have compared prices for unlimited Internet in Russia and in the world

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The average cost of a tariff with unlimited Internet in Russia in 2020 was 830 rubles, which is about 5 times cheaper than the average in the world, according to a study by the information and analytical agency Content Review.

The research is based on the analysis of tariff proposals of 136 mobile operators in 50 countries of the world with the largest GDP.

“The average cost of a tariff with unlimited Internet in the world was 4405.1 rubles, in Russia – 830 rubles (3181.8 and 602.5 rubles at the end of 2019, respectively),” the study says. Analysts note that tariffs with unlimited Internet access in most countries have moved to the premium segment, which is primarily due to the need to monetize the launch of 5G networks.

In Russia, the increase in the average tariff with unlimited Internet was caused by the transfer of this service to the optional category, which allows operators to regulate its cost in isolation from the cost of the main tariff. In addition, the self-isolation regime had an impact, which provoked a high load on the mobile network in sleeping areas and, as a result, the need for urgent modernization of networks (both mobile and basic).

At the same time, the average cost of 1 gigabyte of mobile Internet in the world was 189.8 rubles, in Russia – 24.6 rubles (187 and 37.3 rubles at the end of 2019, respectively). According to analysts, the growth in the average cost of 1 gigabyte in the world is due to the increased costs of operators for the launch of 5G and unplanned modernization of networks that were under pressure during the coronavirus pandemic. And the decrease in the cost of 1 gigabyte in Russia is associated with the successive transfer of subscribers to tariffs with large traffic packages, while the rise in tariffs is slower than the increase in service packages. “The consistent abandonment of unlimited tariffs as the basis for the sale of new contracts and the connection of new subscribers has led to this that the cost of mobile Internet in terms of 1 gigabyte in Russia has decreased by one and a half times. At the same time, tariffs with unlimited Internet, even taking into account a 38 percent rise in price, have become the cheapest in the world, “commented Sergey Polovnikov, head of Content Review.

According to him, even taking into account the volatility of world currencies, the rise in the price of mobile tariffs, and especially tariffs with unlimited Internet, has become a global trend that will remain with us at least for the entire post-coronavirus period.

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