A woman who has lost almost 40 kilograms in a year has revealed the secret of losing weight

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. British Amy Manns, who has lost almost 40 kilograms in a year, revealed the secret of her success in an interview with StokeonTrent Live.

An overweight Newcastle resident joined the weight loss group in February 2020. According to the 31-year-old woman, she decided to do this for the sake of her one and a half-year-old daughter.

Manns made a big change in her diet, while not completely abandoning some of the treats. “I hardly eat bread, except whole grains, and I also like to make great salads,” she said, adding that many different recipes can be adapted for weight loss.

So, for breakfast, a British woman usually consumes fruit with low-fat yogurt, for lunch – part of yesterday's dinner with a large salad, for an afternoon snack – a simple pasta dish with a lot of vegetables.

“I don't eat canned sauces anymore. They are really high in calories and can be easily made by yourself – and they are always much fresher,” said Manns. At the same time for Sunday lunches she allows herself a traditional Yorkshire pudding, from time to time she can eat chocolate.

After achieving the first results, Manns also decided to exercise, which she had never done before.

As the British admitted, with the progress in losing weight, her self-confidence increased greatly, she began to feel healthier, in addition, she had much more energy.

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