A platform for citizens' feedback will appear on the State Services

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The public feedback platform (PIC) “Gosuslugi. We Decide Together” will be launched in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, regional and municipal authorities, as well as in a number of federal authorities by the end of 2021, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Head of the Government Coordination Center Dmitry Chernyshenko.

“The digital platform” Gosuslugi. We Decide Together “will be launched in all regions of the country,” Chernyshenko said at a meeting with the heads of digital transformation (RCT) of federal authorities.

The platform “Gosuslugi. We Decide Together” allows you to organize work in four areas. The first is work with citizens' appeals with the possibility of operational control of the resolution of issues. It also allows you to conduct online surveys on topics of social importance to the population and public discussions of issues of local importance. In addition, it is envisaged to maintain state plates of authorities in social networks and messengers, as well as to track incidents in social networks. “When forming the Government Coordination Center, special emphasis was placed on the possibility of receiving prompt, high-quality feedback from the population. The POS functionality allows you to solve this problem. And RCT should carry out the client service of the platform, including monitoring the quality of processing of citizens' appeals, forming a matrix of systemic problems for the further adoption of timely and competent management decisions by the authorities, “said Chernyshenko, whose words were conveyed by his press service.

“An important option for citizens on a digital platform is the ability to track the status of processing an appeal, as well as evaluate the quality of the response or decision received,” added the Deputy Prime Minister.

The platform for feedback from the population is being created by order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin within the framework of the federal project “Digital Public Administration” of the national project “Digital Economy”.

The pilot for the implementation of the feedback platform began in 2019, with the participation of the Ministry of Digital Industry of Russia and 9 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Now in the POS there are more than 16.5 thousand personal accounts of the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments and other organizations of the pilot regions. More than 340 thousand messages were received, votes were held on more than 400 projects, more than 1.5 thousand citizen polls were posted.

Local authorities of the pilot regions held discussions with citizens about 470 draft regulatory legal acts on issues of local importance.

In 2020, the platform was used by the federal government. So, on the portal of public services, services were posted that allow citizens to report difficulties with vaccination against COVID-19 and problems with calling an ambulance in a pandemic. In addition, a service of the Ministry of Education of Russia was placed to receive feedback from parents of primary school students on the organization of hot meals in schools.

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