A Kremlin source says the US is preparing a campaign against Sputnik V

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The United States and its allies are planning a large-scale information campaign against the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, a senior Kremlin source told reporters.

“Against the background of the growing demand for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine around the world, including in European countries, the United States and its allies, according to our intelligence services, are planning to launch a large-scale information campaign aimed at creating a bias towards domestic scientific developments in the counteracting the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19, “he said.

The Kremlin noted, in particular, that “through the non-governmental organizations controlled by the United States Agency for International Development”, “George Soros Foundation”, “Thomson Reuters Foundation” – and media structures – “BBC”, “Reuters” , Internews – a scenario of an information attack on Sputnik V is being prepared. “

As part of the attack, “it is planned to reinforce the promoted theses” about the ineffectiveness and danger of the vaccine “by staging mass deaths of people allegedly as a result of using the drug,” the Kremlin added.

“At the same time, the United States and its allies plan to circulate” exposing materials “about the incompetence of Russian specialists in the field of vaccination and immunology,” the source said.

He added that the target audience of the anti-Russian information campaign has been selected European countries that have registered the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for emergency use: Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, San Marino and North Macedonia.

“In the West, the recognition of our vaccine by these countries has caused a surge of anti-Russian propaganda. In particular, the Dutch media are presenting our Sputnik V not as a remedy for COVID-19, but as a“ Kremlin lever to split the ranks of the European Union, ”“ an instrument of Moscow propaganda. ” an example is given just Hungary, which “succumbed to the tricks of Russia” and without agreement with Brussels began to vaccinate its citizens with our vaccine, “- said a high-ranking source.

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