The number of men and women in the ranking of top managers in Russia is almost equal

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. The number of men and women participating in the annual rating “TOP-1000 Russian Managers” is almost equal: 52% of men and 48% of women were among the “tops”, according to a study by the Association of Managers, which was reviewed by RIA Novosti.

Every year, since 2001, the Association has been identifying the most professional managers in Russia. 1000 managers are chosen during the voting, this year the list will be published on September 27. From March 10, the acceptance of applications of candidates for participation begins, it will last until April 30. On the eve of the creation of the next rating, the association drew up a portrait of the top manager in 2020.

“Traditionally, there are more men than women among the participants in the ranking. In past years, the gap gradually narrowed, but in 2019 we saw a sharp drop in the proportion of women. This (2020 – ed.) Year, the gender balance has recovered, and the ratio of male to female managers in the ranking is almost equal, “- said the researchers.

The average age of the participants in the rating has remained practically unchanged compared to 2019 and amounted to 41 years. And although men were usually on average a year older than their female counterparts, this time the situation is reversed. All participants in the rating have at least one higher education, more than a quarter – two or more, 14% – have received an MBA. It is noteworthy that women are more likely than men to have two or more degrees, while men are more likely to have an MBA.

More than half of the rating participants were born in Moscow, in small towns – less than a fifth, almost an equal number – in St. Petersburg and other cities with a population of over one million. Among the participants there are also those who were born in the countries of the former USSR or in European countries, but there are not many of them – in total no more than 2%.

It also turned out that mainly top managers are family people. 74% of managers are married. Among male leaders, 83% are married, while among women – 64%. On average, there are 1.6 children per participant in the rating, as in the previous year. 16% of managers do not have children, the same number have three or more children.

The researchers also studied the impact of the pandemic on top managers. Almost half of those surveyed admitted that the pandemic had a negative impact on demand for their company's products or services. On the contrary, almost a quarter reported a positive impact, and 27% did not see a significant effect of the pandemic.

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