Reshetnikov explained why the authorities monitor food prices

MOSCOW, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. Price monitoring will allow the Russian government to interact with business in order to prevent the impact of an increase in world food prices on the domestic market, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov at a briefing with journalists. business, to make these decisions so that external inflation, and our main problem is imported inflation, inflation of world prices, especially for food, … does not move to the domestic market and does not hit the incomes of the population, “he said.

He stressed that economic mechanisms, in contrast to administrative ones, require a certain amount of time to be worked out, introduced, in order for them to work. “Therefore, it is very important to monitor the situation and see the processes, as they say, in the bud in order to take timely measures,” the minister said.

Reshetnikov also explained that economic mechanisms, as a rule, are complex, that is, they require simultaneous decisions: allocation of subsidies, subsidies, customs and tariff policy, decision-making on export or import duties, quotas, and possibly tax instruments.

“They are complex, so the participation of all authorities is required. The monitoring procedure fixes the responsibility for certain groups of socially significant goods for specific federal authorities so that they develop measures in time to implement regulation in advance,” the minister said.

He clarified that a wide range of information is used in this case: from the KKT, FAS, various statistics. Analysis of the impact of measures on the current situation occurs weekly with the participation of all departments, Reshetnikov noted.

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