More than 45 Russian-made aircraft to be delivered to Aurora

MOSCOW, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. Aurora Airlines will deliver at least 45 Russian-made aircraft until 2024, Russian Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev said at a meeting between the president and government members, the transcript of the conversation was published on the Kremlin's website.

The Minister of Transport reported to the President on the progress in creating the Far Eastern regional airline Aurora. “A preliminary schedule for the supply of domestic equipment has been signed. 45 aircraft will be delivered by 2024. This is the minimum that we plan for the airline. And, in our opinion, then what we are doing now can lead to the development of this airline in the near future “, – Saveliev's words are quoted on the website.

According to him, the airline's fleet will be 131 aircraft, of which 91 are airplanes and 40 are helicopters.

The minister noted that the subsidy required for the “rollout” of local flights may be needed, since many of them will be filled by only 20% at first. He added that the allocated subsidies, which are distributed throughout the Far East, are yielding results. Savelyev said that, in agreement with the Ministry of Industry, regional subsidies are distributed taking into account domestic aviation equipment from companies. This will stimulate regional companies to buy domestic equipment. “Not only in the airline, but also in all other companies that would like to receive subsidies. These are subsidies under Resolution No. 1242 – 7.7 billion, under Resolution No. 215 – 5.8 billion, and an additional 5 billion, which were allocated with your help, “the minister added.

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