Kyrgyz parliament sets date for constitutional referendum

BISHKEK, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Kyrgyz parliament approved the appointment of a constitutional referendum for April 11, the corresponding decision was made at a meeting of the legislative assembly on Thursday.

94 deputies voted for the adoption of the bill on the appointment of a referendum, six were against.

The draft of the new constitution was published on the website of the Kyrgyz parliament on 9 February. The document proposes to introduce the institute of the People's kurultai (council), as an advisory, supervisory assembly, which gives recommendations on the directions of social development. It is also planned to reformat the institutions of the president and government.

Responsibility for the formation and work of the cabinet will be borne by the president, and the cabinet will be headed by the head of the presidential administration. The document proposes to reduce the number of parliament members from 120 to 90. In fact, the proposed innovations mean a return from a parliamentary-presidential to a presidential form of government – 80% of the country's citizens elected it in a referendum on January 10.

Also on April 11, elections of deputies of local self-government bodies will be held in Kyrgyzstan.

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