In St. Petersburg, a patient was rescued, whose heart stopped more than ten times

S.-PETERSBURG, 11 March – RIA Novosti. A thirty-year-old man with coronavirus, whose heart stopped more than ten times in the first night after hospitalization, has been discharged from St. George's Hospital, according to the hospital.

“A patient with the novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 and massive pulmonary embolism (pulmonary embolism. – Ed.) Was discharged from St. George's Hospital, whose heart stopped more than ten times in the first night of hospitalization,” the report said.

As doctors inform, Anton Dimov, who is 30 years old, has a genetic predisposition to thrombus formation.

“Covid and trauma have become an aggravating factor in the development of recurrent pulmonary embolism, and the heart has failed,” the hospital said.

Upon hospitalization, the man was immediately sent to the intensive care unit, bypassing the emergency department. At the same time, intensive therapy could not prevent a fatal complication, and blood circulation stopped.

“The resuscitation measures carried out by the team on duty were successful, but over the next 12 hours the patient's heart stopped more than ten times. Doctors each time again and again restored effective cardiac activity, the patient underwent salvage systemic thrombolysis,” procedures.

As the doctors note, the patient remembers only the moment of admission to the hospital, as well as the period when he was in intensive care after repeatedly returning to life. According to his impressions, which are cited in the report of St. George's Hospital, the hospital staff worried about the man's condition, even when he was already breathing without a ventilator and talking.

“Doctors-resuscitators emphasize that so many times in a row they have carried out resuscitation measures for the first time, and consider the surviving Anton one of the brightest victories of the” covid “year. We wish the patient good health,” concludes St. George's Hospital. Good news

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