FSIN denies reports of beating of Zimina, convicted of high treason

KALININGRAD, 11 March – RIA Novosti. The Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service (UFSIN) denied reports published in the media that employees of the pre-trial detention center beat and use special means against a resident of Kaliningrad, Antonina Zimina, who was convicted under an article of treason.

Earlier, Znak.com published an article with reference to Zimina's father, in which he spoke about the humiliation and beatings of his daughter. According to Konstantin Zimin, the bullying has been going on since last autumn, but before that they were afraid to report it to the supervisory authorities or the public monitoring commission, so as not to worsen the situation.

“The information published in the media about beatings, the use of special means and the allegedly inappropriate behavior of employees towards Antonina Z. held in the Kaliningrad remand prison does not correspond to reality. Physical force and special means have never been used against a resident of the region,” says in the statement of the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Kaliningrad region.

The UFSIN noted that after the information appeared in the media on March 9, Zimin underwent a medical examination, which, according to the department, did not reveal any bodily injuries, traces of the use of a stun gun or other special means.

Svetlana Kondratyeva, chairman of the Kaliningrad POC, told RIA Novosti that members of the commission and the regional ombudsman visited Zimin in the pre-trial detention center several times.

“Her mood is whiny, depressed. But she did not show us any complaints, we did not see any bruises. We offered my father to write an official (letter) to the POC, to the office of the Ombudsman, but so far he has not done this,” Kondratyeva told RIA News.

On December 24, 2020, the Kaliningrad Regional Court found the spouses Antonina Zimina and Konstantin Antonets guilty under Article 275 of the Criminal Code of Russia (high treason). Zimina was sentenced to 13 years in a maximum security colony and a fine of 100 thousand rubles, Antonets – to 12.5 years in a maximum security colony and the same fine. The defense of the convicts filed an appeal.

Zimina's lawyer Mikhail Baev confirmed to RIA Novosti the information that the appeal against the decision of the Kaliningrad Regional Court is planned to be considered by the Moscow Court of Appeal on April 8.

As reported, the court established that Zimina was recruited by the Latvian special services in 2012 while traveling abroad, and subsequently collected and passed on to them information constituting a state secret. According to the FSB, since 2015 Zimina has attracted her husband to cooperate with the Latvian special services, who, while working in the Ministry of Economy of the Kaliningrad Region, “kidnapped and together with Zimina transferred secret information to the Latvian special services.”

Zimina previously headed the non-profit Baltic Center for Dialogue of Cultures, Antonets – the company organizing exhibitions, and before that he worked as a lawyer in the regional Ministry of Economy.

It was also reported that the spouses were accused of transferring secret data related to the Kaliningrad special economic zone to Latvian intelligence officers. In addition, they were charged with disclosing the identity of an operative of the Kaliningrad department of the FSB, who was a guest at their wedding.

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