Ex-director of the Magadan Region Overhaul Fund accused of embezzlement

MAGADAN, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Prosecutor of the Magadan Region has approved the indictment in the case of embezzlement of 17 million rubles against the former head of the Fund for Capital Repair of the Magadan Region, Vladimir Kabanov, according to the official website of the main supervisory agency of the region.

Earlier, local media reported that during the audit of the Fund for Major Overhaul of the Magadan Region, which was carried out by the Control and Accounts Chamber (PCC) of the region, it turned out that in 2019 the fund's management ineffectively used 17 million rubles (almost 40% of the organization's money). In particular, and. about. Kabanov, the director of the fund, flew on vacation in business class, vacationed in Sochi, bought jewelry, ate in restaurants, and all this at the expense of the organization. The governor of Kolyma fired Kabanov and demanded to return all the money spent. The next director of the Fund for the overhaul of the region was arrested for a bribe in November 2020. “The head of the Fund, abusing his powers, under the guise of compensation for representation functions, at the expense of the organization headed by him, systematically unreasonably reimbursed his own expenses for visiting restaurants and cafes, taxi rides, and repairing funds. In addition, the accused was charged with the commission of two thefts, for example, Vladimir Kabanov presented two checks to the Fund's accounting department … to hold a corporate party in a restaurant “, – the message says.

It is clarified that Kabanov is charged under two articles: abuse of power and misappropriation of entrusted property, committed using his official position.

“The criminal case was initiated following the results of an audit carried out by the regional prosecutor's office in conjunction with the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. After serving a copy of the indictment, the case will be transferred to the Magadan City Court for consideration on the merits,” the agency adds.

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