“Eaten alive”: bugs undermined the combat capability of an American submarine

MOSCOW, 11 MarRIA Novosti. The American nuclear submarine USS Connecticut has been infested with bedbugs, the Navy Times reported.

According to media reports, insects came on board in March last year, during the ICEX-2020 exercise in the Arctic Ocean. After that, the crew for several months unsuccessfully tried to poison the “bloodsuckers.”

Despite the sailors' complaints, the official request was sent to the controlling structures in December, and large-scale disinfection began only in February of this year. According to one of the crew members, the command initially did not believe the submariners' statements due to “lack of evidence.”

As a result of the invasion of insects, many sailors had to sleep on chairs and the floor, because of which the crew had “total lack of sleep and fatigue, which threatened the submarine's combat capability.”

Now the submarine has been treated with special substances, but the sailors fear that the bugs may return.

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