Congressman accused Russia of destabilizing South America

WASHINGTON, 10 Mar – RIA Novosti. US Congressman Albin Siris accused Russia of attempts to destabilize South America, including Colombia; Secretary of State Anthony Blinken agreed with him.

“As for Venezuela, I am concerned that Russia seems to be more and more involved in affairs in Venezuela … they are trying to destabilize the region. I spoke with our ambassador to Colombia. In 2019, Russia led 6,000 people through Colombia, and they expelled 3 Russians from Colombia Colombia for Russia is not exactly a beach destination, “Siris Blinkenu said at a congressional hearing.

“So I am concerned that they are using Venezuela to destabilize Colombia, interfere with elections in South America, and I hope the administration will focus on Russian efforts and attempts to destabilize our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere,” Siris said.

“I share this concern, we saw it in Venezuela, and there was an expanded presence and activity of Russians in Cuba, and we are very attentive to all this,” Blinken replied.

In December, the Tiempo newspaper, citing sources in the Colombian government, wrote that the authorities had expelled two Russian diplomats suspected of intelligence activities from the country. According to sources, Russian diplomats allegedly recruited informants in the city of Cali, it is argued that, in addition to military intelligence, they were engaged in economic espionage, showing an interest in confidential information about the development of mineral resources.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly called the accusations of interference in the internal affairs of other states unsubstantiated. Russia has also repeatedly denied accusations of attempts to influence democratic processes in different countries, and the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov called them “absolutely unfounded.”

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