Cases of hostage-taking in Russia in 2016-2021


On March 11, in the city of Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region), according to media reports, an unknown person took hostages in the microloan office. The surrounding area is cordoned off. According to other sources, the reason for the cordon could be “showdown between roommates.” RIA Novosti has not yet received an official comment from the police.


On December 31, in the Sakhalin Region, a man hijacked a shuttle bus between Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the village of Dalneye. At the time of the incident, there were 20 passengers and a driver in the cabin. Police officers, rescuers, firefighters, medics, officers of the National Guard and the traffic police arrived at the scene. = Upon the arrival of the security forces, all passengers were evacuated. The suspect was detained, no explosives were found on the bus. No harm done

On December 18, in Moscow on Balaklavsky Prospekt, a man, threatening with a knife, forcibly held a woman in an apartment of a residential building. Police and National Guard officers arrived at the scene. After the man refused to open the door, law enforcement officers stormed the apartment and rendered harmless the suspect. There were no casualties as a result of the accident. The attacker was taken to the police.

On November 24, in the suburb of St. Petersburg Kolpino, a man took six children hostage. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the children are being held in the apartment by their father. Only in the evening, after the prosecutor's persuasion, the rowdy surrendered and released the children. The man did not put forward any demands. At the same time, local authorities noted that the family was low-income, and the father of the family was registered in a neuropsychiatric dispensary. The man was detained.

On October 9, in the village of Taseevo in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a drunk man in the course of a domestic conflict closed himself in a private house and kept his friend and her five young children. After the police arrived at the woman, the offender barricaded the house. Krasnoyarets put a three-year-old child on the table near the window and threatened him with a knife. The man demanded to remove the cordon from the house, otherwise he promised to use violence against all children. During the negotiations, the security forces managed to distract the attacker and detain him. In the past, the man has been tried several times. The woman and children were not hurt.

On May 23 in Moscow, a man entered the Alfa Bank branch on Zemlyanoy Val Street and informed those present about the mining of the premises and the seizure of hostages, demonstrated a device with an activation button and began to put forward various demands. Bank employees managed to report the incident to law enforcement officers. During the special operation, the man was detained, all the hostages were released.

On April 9, in Pyatigorsk, a man, while in his sister's apartment, took the owner of the apartment and her two minor children hostage. At the same time, he expressed a number of demands, including the transfer of funds to him and the provision of an opportunity to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. The man was detained, no one was hurt.

On March 1, in Kazan, a drunken man had a fight with his wife, and when she called her relatives to take her with her two children, he refused to release the woman. After beating his wife and holding a knife to her neck, he demanded 10 million rubles from law enforcement officers. Later the man was detained.

On January 15, in Moscow, in the Moscow City building on Presnenskaya embankment, an unknown person, threatening with a knife, took hostage a man – an employee of one of the financial organizations. The guards who arrived at the scene freed the hostage, and the attacker was detained.


On November 20, in an apartment in a house in the center of Rostov-on-Don, an employee of the Investigation Department took his family members hostage. He was neutralized and subsequently arrested.

On November 10, it became known that in Magadan, on Zaitsev Street, a young local resident in a state of alcoholic intoxication killed a friend during a feast and took a girl hostage. From the police officers who arrived for negotiations, he demanded alcohol, food and a car for the release of the victim. During a special operation, the man was detained.


On July 1, in Moscow, a man illegally detained an employee of a Dixy store. Later, the GUMVD reported that the man was detained, and the girl was alive. According to the detainee, he ended up in the store because he “fled from the pursuers.” At the same time, the man could not specify from whom exactly.

On May 25, in eastern Moscow, a man took a family of three hostage in a house on Molostovyh Street. The malefactor wounded one of the hostages (a man), as a result of which he died. The offender was arrested and taken to hospital, as he stabbed himself during the arrest. Militiamen established that the suspect had previously reported to the police that allegedly “black realtors” had illegally alienated a share in his two-room apartment. During the interrogation, the man pleaded guilty and explained that he had committed the retention of the family and the murder of the victim's husband on the basis of personal hostile relations that arose during the period of living with them in the same apartment.


On October 11, an unemployed resident of Ulyanovsk took a woman hostage in one of the city's Orthodox churches. At the same time, according to the prosecutor's office, he demanded to immediately transfer his pre-recorded message to the leadership of the region, threatening to detonate a bomb in the church. Later it turned out that the man had a dummy explosive device with him. During the special operation, the man was neutralized. It is established that he suffers from a mental illness.

In May, in the Vysokogorsk region of Tatarstan, a resident of Kazan Ildar Kadyrov took two pensioners hostage. Earlier, the investigating authorities opened a criminal case against Kadyrov on the fact of setting fire to a car in Kazan, five police officers arrived at his dacha in the Vysokogorsk region. Realizing that during the search two Makarov pistols and cartridges were found illegally stored, Kadyrov opened fire at the police and fled. Breaking away from his pursuers, wounded in the legs, he seized a couple of pensioners and demanded that they be taken to Kazan in their car. However, on the way, he jumped out of the car, stole a bicycle in one of the garden plots and changed into women's clothes, trying to escape. Kadyrov was detained and arrested.

On April 23, in the village of Krasny Bereg, Permsky Krai, a convict serving a sentence in a colony-settlement, using the right of free movement around the village, took a girl born in 2004 on the street and held it hostage. Threatening her with a knife, the man put her in a stationary car and began to threaten the driver of the car, demanding to take him out of the territory of the village and the correctional institution. The criminal actions of the convict were suppressed by local residents. An investigative and operational group immediately went to the scene. The attacker was detained and placed in a punishment cell.

On February 13, in the town of Gubkin, Belgorod Region, police and Rosgvardia officers detained a man who took his mother hostage. The assault took place at the moment when the negotiator was leaving the apartment. As a result, the attacker was taken to the central police station. According to local authorities, he was previously convicted and used drugs.


On the night of December 27 in Moscow, during the searches in the framework of the case under investigation, the alleged suspect resisted the police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Krylatskoye district. Shooting from a gun, the man wounded three police officers and two employees of the State Budgetary Institution “Zhilischnik”. Then he disappeared into a nearby apartment and took a woman hostage. Subsequently, the man committed suicide, and the woman who was with him was released.

On October 10, in the city of Novotroitsk, Orenburg Region, a local resident took his ex-wife and two children hostage for several hours and threatened to burn them. Police, medics, and gas service personnel arrived at the scene. The brawler's grandmother helped the police rescue the hostages – she persuaded her grandson not to take any illegal actions against her children, ex-wife and leave the apartment. Then the man went out and was detained. In the apartment where the children and their mother were being held, they found a canister containing water, not a flammable liquid, as well as a pneumatic pistol.

On August 24, in the center of Moscow, businessman Aram Petrosyan took four hostages at a Citibank branch, threatening to blow it up. Subsequently, the man released the hostages one by one and surrendered to law enforcement officers. The object that he passed off as a bomb turned out to be a dummy. Petrosyan said that he wanted to draw attention to the problem of bankruptcies.

On May 18, in the east of Moscow, an unknown person wearing a mask took hostage employees and visitors of the bank on Pervomayskaya Street. The man demanded to issue 4.7 million rubles and 13 thousand euros under the threat of an explosion. The police persuaded him to release the hostages, then the special forces shot the criminal when he refused to surrender and there was a threat that the attacker would trigger his “bomb”, which later turned out to be a fake.

The material was prepared on the basis of information from RIA Novosti and open sources

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