A case was opened on the acting rector of the Voronezh Agrarian University

VORONEZH, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. The investigation suspected the Acting Rector of the Voronezh State Agrarian University, one of the oldest agricultural universities in the country and the oldest university in Voronezh, of misappropriation of 880 thousand rubles, according to the SUSK information on the region.

“A criminal case has been initiated against the 40-year-old interim rector of one of the higher educational institutions of Voronezh under … the article” Attempted misappropriation of funds on a large scale, committed with the use of official position, “the release says.

As a representative of the Investigation Department explained to RIA Novosti, it is about Alexei Popov, who heads the Voronezh State Agrarian University named after Emperor Peter I.

The information on the person involved in the case published on the website of the university coincides with the data provided by the investigation, in particular, the position of the interim acting and age.

As the investigation informs, in March 2021, the acting rector informed the subordinate employees about the “need to transfer” to him a part of the bonuses they received, which had previously been accrued “deliberately overstated.”

“Subsequently, the suspect received from his subordinates in cash funds in the amount of at least 880 thousand rubles, after which he was detained at the crime scene by officers of the Investigative Committee and the FSB,” the investigation reports.

Searches took place in the suspect's office, the money was confiscated, and the acting rector himself confessed. In the near future, the issue of choosing a measure of restraint will be resolved.

Voronezh State Agrarian University was founded in 1912. Was in a row the third higher agricultural educational institution in the Russian Empire. The first higher educational institution in Voronezh and in the entire Central Black Earth Region.

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