A bill to change the personal income tax rate was submitted to the State Duma

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. LDPR deputy Sergei Katasonov submitted to the State Duma a bill on the introduction of a new progressive scale of personal income tax.

Since January 1, in Russia, incomes of more than five million rubles a year are subject to an increased rate of 15% (the usual rate is 13%).

The parliamentarian proposed generally exempting those who earn up to 204 thousand rubles a year (17 thousand rubles a month) from tax, and then increase the rate proportionally up to 35% with an increase in the level of one hundred million rubles.

So, for an annual income of more than 204 thousand rubles, Katasonov considers it necessary to maintain the rate of 13%, from five million rubles – 15%, from ten million rubles – 25%, from one hundred million – 35%.

It turns out that from the first five million rubles the tax will amount to 623.5 thousand rubles, from ten million – million 373.5 thousand, from one hundred million – 23 million 873.5 thousand rubles.

Katasonov believes that such a progression will allow not only redistributing the tax burden from citizens with incomes below 17 thousand rubles a month and the “middle class” towards wealthier Russians, but also increasing budget revenues by 343 billion rubles a year.

This, the MP adds, can be seen as an additional way to reduce the income deficit and fight poverty. In his opinion, the measure may affect ten million people, or 14% of all taxpayers.

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