Ukrainians were outraged by the words of the Israeli ambassador about the Shukhevych stadium

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian netizens were outraged by the comment of the Israeli Ambassador to Kiev, Joel Lyon, in which he criticized the decision to name the stadium in Ternopil after the Ukrainian nationalist Roman Shukhevych.

This decision was made by the city council of Ternopil on March 5. Lyon condemned this step and demanded to cancel it immediately, the corresponding post was published by the Israeli embassy in Ukraine.

The ambassador's statement caused a sharp reaction from Ukrainian users in the comments under the message from the diplomatic mission.

“There are materials from The Hague (probably referring to the Nuremberg. – Ed.) Tribunal, there you have all the answers to the questions of who is who. And you can” demand “at home,” wrote the user @ dobryiden78.

“And I demand the abolition of the assignment of the name of the infamous (David. – Ed.) Ben-Gurion to the international airport, because he infringed on the rights of the Arabs on the lands of their residence! No, I understand that this is nonsense – but we are symmetrically tolerant as well we know how to be! ” – @rs_ssw stated.

“When the Tel Aviv City Council assigns the name of Roman Shukhevych to the city stadium, then you will demand something,” said @ oleh009.

“The Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine has forgotten that he is a tourist here. Stop meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine, go to your desert,” said @Daspalyanytsya.

“Dear,” demand “you will be in your country. Do not be on a visit,” – expressed the opinion of @ Natalii09214347.

“What do you care about the names in our country? Are we renaming the avenue in Haifa? This is our state and our heroes – we honor them as we want,” wrote @iris__ko.

In May 2015, the then president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, gave the OUN-UPA * the status of “fighters for independence” of Ukraine, and its participants – the right to social guarantees. Russia condemned this decision, noting that “Ukraine is the country where neo-Nazis switched from words to deeds and killed thousands of civilians” and that such actions should be adequately assessed at the international level. The heroization of the UPA * and its leaders, Stepan Bandera and Shukhevych, are criticized by many war veterans and politicians who accuse Bandera of collaborating with the Nazis.

* Extremist organization banned in Russia.

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