Russia is preparing a mobile application to pay for services “face”

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. The operator of the unified biometric system (UBS) Rostelecom plans to launch a mobile application that allows users to independently submit and register their biometric data to receive financial, commercial and government services in electronic form, as well as pay for them “on the face”, the company told RIA Novosti …

The EBS was launched in June 2018, citizens were able to open accounts, deposits and receive loans using identification through the EBS and the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). The presence of data simultaneously in two systems allows citizens to be served without a passport. Previously, it was possible to submit data to the EBS only in bank branches. On January 1, 2021, a law entered into force expanding the scope of the EBS, as well as allowing the submission of biometric data to the MFC.

According to Rostelecom, the company continues to actively develop the EBS. In addition to submitting biometrics to the MFC, it will also be possible to do it yourself on your smartphone. “It is planned to launch a solution for self-registration of biometrics using the Biometrics mobile application from Rostelecom,” the company said. The scope of the EBS will also expand. biometrics, citizens will be able to pay “by the face”, go to public events in stadiums, sign contracts with mobile operators, receive notary services, remotely pass intermediate exams at universities. “All these measures will increase the speed of filling the database and the number of registrations in the Unified Biometric System “, – noted in Rostelecom.

According to the Ministry of Digital Science, now the authorities with representatives of the commercial sector are working on the possibilities of using the EBS in various fields, based on the appropriateness of use. “First of all, when introducing the system, we focus on the needs of citizens. A unified biometric system provides the ability to perform legally significant actions, including in a remote format, and also increases the level of their security,” the ministry told RIA Novosti.

They recalled that, for example, on March 2, a government decree was signed providing for the possibility of conducting intermediate certification in a distance format for students through the use of the EBS, which is especially important for students from remote settlements.

The ministry assured that in the future, the scope of the EBS will expand, based on the social needs of society. Now the Ministry of Digital Science, together with authorized departments, is working on organizing the possibility of collecting biometric samples at the request of citizens in the MFC. “As the scope of application of the Unified Biometric System expands, this method of identification can potentially be in demand among the majority of Russians,” the ministry said.

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