Roskomnadzor told about the work of Twitter-slowing equipment

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. Roskomnadzor's traffic filtering equipment used to slow down Twitter is operating normally in all regions of Russia; Rostelecom's Internet problems are caused by equipment malfunction, while other operators are slowing down Twitter normally, the press service of Roskomnadzor told RIA Novosti.

Roskomnadzor said on Wednesday morning that it had decided to slow down the speed of Twitter in the Russian Federation by 100% of mobile devices and by 50% of stationary devices from March 10 for gross violation of the requirements of the legislation on the removal of content prohibited in the Russian Federation. And at noon on Wednesday, the websites of the Kremlin, the government, the State Duma and the Federation Council, Rostelecom and a number of other Internet resources in the Russian Federation began to fail loading.

“Roskomnadzor notes that filtration equipment in all regions of Russia is operating normally. Problems with Internet access that Rostelecom users have experienced since 12 noon on March 10 were due to a malfunction in the operator's equipment, and are not related to actions Roskomnadzor, undertaken in relation to Twitter. According to Rostelecom, the network will be restored in the near future, “Roskomnadzor said.

“On the networks of all other telecom operators, the Internet service slows down normally,” the department added.

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