Putin gave instructions to the government on the development of the Far East

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. At a meeting with members of the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the need to work out measures to develop health care in the Far East.

“Of course, you need to submit proposals, work out and submit proposals for additional measures to develop the health care system in the region,” Putin said.

He noted that the All-Russian Popular Front had previously drawn attention to the fact that in some regions of the Far East, ambulance services do not work around the clock.

“Well, now, taking into account the reaction to the ONF report, the situation seems to be improving, but nevertheless. Well, how can it be that the ambulance does not work around the clock? What kind of ambulance is it? Well, these are some kind of things of an elementary nature.” , – said the head of state.

Putin added that this is due, among other things, to a lack of medical personnel in many areas.

The President stressed that programs for the development of primary health care should be tied to specific regions.

“In this case, we are talking about the Far East, and there the population size in individual settlements is different, and the distances between settlements are different. And here it is impossible to approach the Far East with general standards,” Putin said and asked to “take this into account in the future.” …

He also noted the need to control prices for agricultural products.

“We need to do everything so that the rise in prices for agricultural products in the Far Eastern Federal District does not exceed the average Russian level, and it jumps… this rise in prices. Therefore, I ask you to pay attention to this,” Putin said.

“I ask you to consider the issue of additional measures for the delivery of fish products from the Far East to the central regions, which will probably require a number of management decisions of an interdepartmental nature,” he said.

In addition, the president instructed to analyze the measures taken to transport people.

“I ask the government to assess the sufficiency of the measures taken in order to ensure the transportation of people (from the Far East – ed.) Who want to visit other regions of the Russian Federation, and without taking into account age restrictions. Yes, we have made a decision, allocated an additional 5 billion, this is good, but I ask you to analyze how it all works, what other resources are needed to ensure the movement of people in a normal mode, “the president said during his closing remarks at a meeting with members of the government.

“I would ask you to complete the preparation and approval of a unified plan for the development of the Arctic, I ask you to do this within a month,” Putin said.

He called this issue extremely important.

“Let's not lose sight of him in the course of the current concrete work,” Putin added.

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