National Interest spoke about the possibilities of the United States to “win” in the Arctic

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. American experts have suggested under what conditions the United States can “win” over Russia and China in the Arctic, writes the National Interest.

For example, former national security adviser to Donald Trump Robert O'Brien and former senior director for Russia and European affairs of the National Security Council Ryan Tully note that the American authorities have already rented two icebreakers in order to conduct reconnaissance in the region on an ongoing basis. In addition, the United States intends to develop its own Arctic fleet, which it wants to deploy in Alaska.

“Geographical features and multilateral governance structures create certain opportunities for America and its allies, but using existing opportunities will require special diplomacy, as well as a permanent presence in the region,” the authors of the material noted.

They stressed that the Arctic is important not only for the strategic trade routes that are opening up due to climate change, but also because of the huge reserves of energy resources, precious metals and deposits of rare earth elements. At the same time, according to experts, defending US interests in the region is complicated by the fact that the “rivalry between the great powers” there is acute, and defense spending in all three countries is growing.

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