In St. Petersburg, the decline of the second wave of coronavirus slows down

S.-PETERSBURG, March 10 – RIA Novosti. The recession of the second wave of COVID-19 in St. Petersburg is extremely slow, according to the interdepartmental city coordinating council to counter the spread of coronavirus.

“The subsidence of the second wave is extremely slow,” – says the council's materials.

It is noted that the trend towards a decrease in the spread of infection in St. Petersburg has slowed down, the rate of hospitalizations remains at a high plateau.

“The epidemic continues, COVID-19 remains a dangerous disease. The risk of contracting a severe form of infection is incomparably greater than the risks associated with vaccination … Given the unstable epidemiological situation and the high likelihood of a new increase in the incidence, the interdepartmental coordinating council and the health committee urge St. Petersburg residents who have no medical contraindications to vaccination, timely vaccination against a new coronavirus infection, “the materials say.

According to the council, after more than 435 thousand injections of the vaccine (in total, the first and second components) in St. Petersburg, not a single case of a severe reaction to the vaccine and any complications after vaccination were recorded.

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