In Sochi, a man died in a collision of three cars

SOCHI, 10 March – RIA Novosti. An accident involving three cars occurred on the Bypass Sochi highway, the driver of one of the cars died on the spot, the press service of the South Regional Search and Rescue Unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

“From the ambulance staff, the emergency duty officer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia received information that an accident involving three vehicles occurred on the Bypass Sochi highway near the Funduchnoye SNT. As a result of the accident, a person was blocked in the cabin of one of the cars,” they said in the department.

Six employees of the Southern Search and Rescue Detachment went to the scene. With the help of a hydraulic rescue tool, the rescuers unlocked the driver trapped in the passenger compartment.

“The man was handed over to police officers. Unfortunately, a 34-year-old Sochi resident died on the spot from his injuries,” the report says.

Also, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported about a 34-year-old resident of Sochi who was injured in the accident. The woman needed the help of doctors.

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