Bloomberg: hackers hacked 150 thousand Verkada CCTV cameras

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. A group of hackers claims to have gained access to data from 150,000 Verkada security cameras installed in hospitals, police stations, prisons, schools and various companies in several countries, Bloomberg reports.

Founded in 2016, Verkada sells CCTV cameras that customers can control over the Internet, according to the agency.

The hackers reportedly hacked cameras at Tesla and Cloudflare, women's clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and the offices of the camera company Verkada itself. The hackers, according to the agency, are now claiming that in addition to accessing live feeds from cameras, they have also gained access to the full video archive of all Verkada customers.

One of the videos, which came into the possession of Bloomberg, captured the Halifax Health hospital in Florida, the other – the Tesla warehouse in Shanghai, Cloudflare offices in the United States and Britain.

At the same time, someone Tilly Kottmann, who claims to be involved in the hacking, told the agency that an international group of hackers participated in it, the goal is to demonstrate the ubiquity of video surveillance and the ease of hacking systems. According to him, the hackers gained access to Verkada through the “super administrator” account, which allowed them to look into the cameras of all the company's clients. At the same time, they found the login and password to the account on the Internet.

Kottman said that after Bloomberg contacted Verkada, the hackers lost access to the videos and archives. The agency notes that Verkada is currently investigating the incident and is trying to notify its clients.

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