Armenian President contested the law according to which the head of the General Staff was fired

YEREVAN, 10 March – RIA Novosti. Armenian President Armen Sarkissian challenged the law “On Military Service and the Status of Servicemen” in the Constitutional Court. The reason for the appeal to the Constitutional Court was the Prime Minister's initiative to dismiss the head of the General Staff, the press service of the Armenian leader reported.

Earlier, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan is considered dismissed since March 10.

“The President of the Republic appealed to the Constitutional Court to determine the consistency of the law on military service and the status of servicemen.” The appeal is conditioned by problems in the law enforcement practice, which became more obvious as a result of the initiative of the Prime Minister to resign the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan and the subsequent constitutional, legal processes, “- said in a statement posted on the president's website.

The statement notes that the decisions of the Constitutional Court may have a serious impact on earlier decisions, current and further processes related to the current situation in the context of the interpretation and application of the said law.

“The President hopes that the adoption of a quick decision (by the Constitutional Court – ed.) Will provide legal certainty and will contribute to resolving the crisis situation,” the message says.

Earlier, Sargsyan refused to sign a decree on the dismissal of the chief of the General Staff and did not send the draft decree to the Constitutional Court, which implies the automatic resignation of the military leader. As stated in the presidential press service, Sargsyan challenged in the Constitutional Court not the draft decree itself, but the provisions of the law “On military service and the status of servicemen,” regulating personnel issues in the Armed Forces.

Another political crisis erupted in Yerevan after Pashinyan's careless words about the Russian Iskanders. According to media reports, the deputy chief of the general staff of Armenia ridiculed the prime minister, for which he was dismissed, following him the chief of the general staff was offered to resign. On Thursday morning, the Armenian Armed Forces issued a statement demanding the resignation of Pashinyan himself. The prime minister regarded this as an attempted coup and called on his supporters to take to the streets. Meanwhile, the opposition has erected barricades and set up a campground near the parliament, they are not in the mood for negotiations with the authorities and are demanding the resignation of the prime minister.

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