Aeroflot increased fuel surcharge for flights within Russia

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. Aeroflot Airlines has been increasing its fuel surcharge for flights within Russia by 10% since March 10.

From Wednesday, the cost of collection in the price of one Economy class ticket will be 1,650 rubles (previously – 1,500 rubles). This cost applies to all domestic routes, with the exception of a number of exceptions. Thus, for flights from Moscow to Yakutsk, Chita or Ulan-Ude, the fuel surcharge will cost 4,350 rubles (instead of 4,200 rubles). When flying in Economy class between Moscow and points in the Far East, the tax is not charged.

The fuel surcharge for each flight segment of Business and Comfort classes for flights within the Russian Federation is 200% and 150% of the tax for an Economy class flight segment, respectively. And on flights between Moscow and the Far East, the cost of collection for flights in Business class will be 8,700 rubles (instead of 8,400 rubles), for “Comfort” flights – 6,525 rubles (instead of 6,300 rubles).

The fuel surcharge for overseas flights does not change.

As the company informed RIA Novosti earlier, from May 2020 to January 2021, the average fuel price in the structure of the airline's expenses on domestic flights increased by 40%. This is a floating fee, a measure of partial compensation for the cost of fuel and lubricants, and last spring it was significantly reduced, the company also noted.

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