A meeting was held in the Khabarovsk Territory on the topic of defrauded real estate investors

KHABAROVSK, March 10 – RIA Novosti. An interdepartmental meeting chaired by Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Dmitry Demeshin on the problem of defrauded equity holders was held on Wednesday in the Khabarovsk Territory, and the acting governor of the region, Mikhail Degtyarev, took part in it.

“We feel the support of the prosecutor’s office in this matter, and this is very good. I personally support the fact that the prosecutor’s response measures were taken today. This was just in previous years, even before Dmitry Demeshin took office, we lacked. I am convinced that in the framework of criminal cases, where a number of developers are being investigated, it is necessary to consider the issue of bringing to subsidiary liability those founders who are behind all this, “Degtyarev wrote in his Telegram channel after the meeting.

According to him, the names are known, “they feel great, many live, and very well, in Khabarovsk.” Degtyarev was outraged that “it is seen by people who are deprived of both means and housing.” The head of the region noted that this is a “shameful phenomenon”.

Degtyarev said that after the inspection of the State Financial Control Committee of the regional government, materials were prepared for sending to the UK. They concern one of the developers of a complex of houses on Khoryshev Street in Khabarovsk, against whom a criminal case has already been initiated in 2017. Now new facts have been revealed, there is reason to suspect the developer of violating a number of criminal articles.

“The Minister of Construction Andrei Chekulaev bears personal responsibility in these matters and the executive body in general – the Ministry of Construction, the State Construction Supervision Committee, all responsible officials in these two departments. And we have a fund that interacts with the federal Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders – this is also personal responsibility in front of people, “- said Degtyarev.

Thus, at the meeting, prosecutorial warnings were issued to the Minister of Construction Chekulaev and the head of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor Tatyana Zaitseva.

In addition, the developer LLC Housing Construction Fund (is building the Pionersky residential complex in the Industrial District of Khabarovsk with a living area of about 7 thousand “squares”) also received a warning. The building permit was issued to him in 2014, extended until September 30 of this year. The warning is related to the risk of untimely commissioning of the complex: the equity participation agreements provide for the commissioning of the facility in the second quarter of the current year. It was also received by the developer SZ Talan-Khabarovsk LLC (it is building an apartment building with built-in and attached non-residential premises on Batareyny lane in the Central District of Khabarovsk with a living area of more than 10 thousand “squares”). The building permit issued in early 2019 has been extended until June 29.

“Citizens see problems that neither the state construction supervision nor the Rospotrebnadzor identified at the initial stage,” Demeshin emphasized, referring to the leadership of the regional committee of state construction supervision. “With inspections, you need to go to problem objects … You need to see reference points, and to influence them jointly by efforts based on the competence of each body,” – said the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Last year, the rights of 214 citizens were restored in the region, 9 houses were put into operation. Problematic – those for which the terms of the construction permit are overdue by more than six months, or a bankruptcy procedure has been introduced against the developer, or the commissioning period has been exceeded in comparison with the contractual obligations by more than six months – 35 objects are considered. There are contracts with individuals for 17 objects, in total there are 1127 defrauded equity holders.

According to Degtyarev, the government has already selected a solution mechanism for each object – with the involvement of federal funds. “An agreement on this has already been reached in the Russian government on behalf of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, we have concluded an agreement with the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Deceived Shareholders, provided funds for co-financing in the regional budget,” the acting governor said.

The fund will send about 1.3 billion rubles to the region, 11 houses (1044 affected citizens) are included in the agreement. Five houses and three parking lots will be completed by contractors or with the involvement of investors this year. It is planned to resume work on three more construction projects with the help of funds from the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders. These are the new buildings of Dialogue LLC on Saltykov-Shchedrin street and in the area of the river station in Khabarovsk. There, the bulk of equity holders whose rights have been violated – 902 people. People will receive monetary compensation in seven houses. Khabarovsk Territory

A decision of the Fund's Supervisory Board was received to pay compensations to 31 equity holders in 4 houses of developers Lazurit LLC and Tekhmontazh LLC. The total need is 173.4 million rubles, including 27.75 million rubles (16%) transferred from the regional budget, Minister Chekulaev said.

The receipt of monetary compensation by citizens will become a precedent for the Khabarovsk Territory – previously such a tool was not used to restore the rights of participants in shared construction, the regional government noted.

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