US Treasury Secretary assessed the likelihood of “overheating” the economy

WASHINGTON, 8 Mar – RIA Novosti. The US economy is not in danger of “overheating,” said Janet Yellen, the country's finance minister.

“I don’t think this will happen. <…> We do not expect unwanted inflation levels,” Yellen told MSNBC.

As the minister pointed out, the schedule for the recovery of the American economy resembles the letter “K”: some industries are recovering and growing, while others continue to decline.

According to her, the nearly two-trillion-dollar bill to support the economy, which Congress is preparing to pass, will lead to acceleration of inflation.

“If this package turns out to be inflationary, there are tools to fight it, and we will monitor it closely,” Yellen said.

Earlier, the interest rate on US government bonds returned to pre-pandemic levels, and exchanges were correcting for a number of days on inflationary concerns. However, according to the statements of the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury, inflation is not to be feared.

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