Russian-Chinese vaccine against the “political virus”

China and Russia stand together shoulder to shoulder, interact side by side in the fight against coronavirus infection and the political virus – this is what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. He spoke about the “political virus” spreading against the backdrop of the pandemic, but did not decipher this concept … However, it is not difficult to understand what is meant, because at the same press conference in Beijing, Wang Yi spoke not only about the need to expand and deepen Russian-Chinese relations (moreover, emphasizing that “the more turbulence and shocks in the world, the more important push forward Sino-Russian cooperation “), but also suggested that the Americans think better:

“For a long time, the United States has been constantly brazenly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of democracy and the protection of human rights. This creates a large number of problems in the world, and in some cases leads to turbulence and conflict. It is imperative that the United States understands this as much as possible. rather. “The spread of the coronavirus

The last phrase is rhetorical – it is clear that Beijing does not harbor any illusions about the possibility of a fundamental change in American policy after the end of the pandemic.

Quite the opposite: the pressure on China and Russia will only grow. The “political virus” is complex, it includes both speculations related to the origin of the coronavirus (the Chinese have infected everyone!), The competition of vaccines (the Russians are dangerous!) And the impact of the pandemic on geopolitics (vaccines are a new method of Russian and Chinese expansion!), So and the very essence of American foreign policy strategy. In which interference in other people's internal affairs is only a tool for maintaining one's global domination, only one of the techniques in the policy of containing competitors. The forms of this intervention may change, but the globalist-minded American elite cannot refuse it as such. Moreover, in relations with countries such as Russia and China, the only way to defeat them is to shake and weaken them from within.

In Beijing, as in Moscow, they are well aware of this. As Wang Yi said, “we will jointly fight any attempts to falsify reality, we will defend our sovereignty and political stability.” To falsify reality – this also applies to the campaign to create in the West the image of Putin the poisoner (she will soon be a decade and a half) and Navalny the savior, and the “Uighur genocide” in Xinjiang, China. Russia threatens Europe and the whole world, China threatens Asia and the whole world – these are also elements of the very fake reality that is being constructed by those who not only pursue a policy of containing Russia and China at their borders, but actually claim global domination … And he does not hide his plans and his attitude towards China and Russia.

Recently, the Biden administration published the “Interim Strategic Guidance on National Security Issues,” and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explained the essence of “the largest geopolitical test of the 21st century for the United States,” that is, relations with Beijing – “an approach to China from a position of strength.” And the point here is not in China as such, but in the desire to preserve the elusive world in the American way:

“Whether we like it or not, the world does not organize itself. When the US backs down, one of two things can be expected: either another country will take our place, but it will happen in such a way that our interests and values will not receive support, or – what is the same bad – it will not be occupied by anyone at all, as a result of which we will get chaos and all the threats that come with it. None of these options are good for America. “

China is the main contender for world domination, they convince in Washington, and therefore the main danger for America:

“China is the only country with sufficient economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to seriously challenge a stable and open system of international relations – all those rules, values and relations that make the world live the way we want it, because ultimately it serves the interests of the American people and reflects their values. “

Everything is fine here – that is, turned upside down. Is China Challenging the American-Built World Order? Yes – but he does not claim world domination, and Russia, Iran, the Muslim world, Latin America and Africa are also challenging the global Atlantic project. The vast majority of countries on the planet are dissatisfied with the “stable and open system of international relations” that allowed the Atlantic West to dictate its rules of the game to the whole world.

Moreover, more and more Americans are dissatisfied with this world order – because, contrary to Blinken's assurances, it does not serve the interests of the American people and does not reflect its values. The globalist project works for the interests of the supranational Atlantic elites, while America itself has long been devoured from within. That is why Trump appeared, who fought with China not as the “leader of the free world”, but as the head of the nation-state (which he wanted to revive) the United States of America. But now Biden has been brought to power and they want to transfer the conflict with Beijing from the American-Chinese dimension to the global one: the whole world is against China, which turns out to be “intimidating other countries.” And against Russia, which also threatens everyone and the same revisionist (translating into Russian – uncontrollable) power.

Blinken said this bluntly, speaking of the difference between the Chinese policy of the new administration and what Trump did: we will put cooperation with partners and allies at the forefront. That is, we will build everyone we can against China?

We've already heard this somewhere … Yes, of course, this is the old American strategy to contain Moscow. And that in Soviet times, that after 2014 – we will block, isolate, punish. It doesn’t matter that it didn’t work — and it couldn’t work — with Russia. It does not matter that with such a policy the United States only strengthened the Russian-Chinese alliance. Now they will try the same thing with China. Only if Russia was spoken of with disdain (a regional power, a gas station country), then China is not yet openly called an enemy, preferring to rely on the fear of others from its growing power. At the same time, however, not forgetting to remind these “people” about their dependence on the United States.

While in NATO the Anglo-Saxons are still looking for formulations for a new strategic concept, already calling China's growth a threat and talking about the need to contain it, trying to break the resistance of Europeans who do not want to call China even a potential adversary, in Asia it is getting tougher.

The Pentagon has proposed doubling spending on the Indo-Pacific Military Command next year to strengthen its conventional deterrent capability for China by establishing a network of precision missile positions along the “first island chain” in close proximity to the PRC. The first chain is Taiwan, Japanese Okinawa and the Philippines. This program will spend most of the $ 27 billion requested for the Indo-Pacific Theater of War over the next six years.

It is far from a fact that the United States will eventually be able to deploy a network of missile launchers along the entire first chain of islands and create an integrated missile defense system in the second chain (and this is from southeast Japan to Indonesia) – there will be big problems with national governments. But the very existence of such a plan will undoubtedly aggravate the situation, including in China's relations with its neighbors – and this is what the Americans are betting on. We protect you from aggressive China – shall we supply new missiles? But the Chinese will be against it, won't they? So it's because they are aggressive!

Just like the dialogue between the Anglo-Saxons and the Europeans: Russia wants to attack you, let's also include Ukraine and Georgia in NATO in order to stop the Russian threat. The fact that Russia and China see that the Americans have not only surrounded them around the perimeter, but are also increasing their presence, does not bother globalizers at all. After all, they believe that the rest of the world will only see their version of reality. However, Moscow and Beijing will instill in the world not only against the coronavirus and the “political virus” of American exclusivity, but also against a falsified reality – in which the defender is presented as the aggressor, and hegemonic aspirations and provocations are passed off as defending a just world order. And there is no reason to doubt the success of the Russian-Chinese “vaccination” campaign.

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