Kravtsov spoke about the project with the assistants to school principals

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. The pilot project to introduce the position of assistant director for education in Russian schools will last a year, said Russian Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov.

“A year. Now, from April, in my opinion, from spring, they are already starting to work – and a year,” he told reporters, answering a question about how long the pilot project will last.

Kravtsov noted that among the values that will be instilled in children within the framework of this project are respect for elders, family values, no ideological work is expected.

The minister recalled that the assistant directors will receive their salaries from the federal budget within the framework of the Patriotic Education project.

Kravtsov added that following the results of the pilot, a survey of children and parents will be conducted on how they assess this work, how much schoolchildren are involved in extracurricular activities and additional education.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation launched the “Navigators of Childhood” competition, within the framework of which in March ten pilot regions there will be rates for the assistant director of a school for educational work with an additional payment of 15 thousand rubles. Kravtsov does not exclude that from 2022 this practice will spread to all regions.

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