In the national park “Shushensky Bor” waxwings got drunk from fermented fruits

KRASNOYARSK, 9 Mar – RIA Novosti. The waxwings in the Shushensky Bor national park (national park) in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory got drunk, eating the fermented fruits of the apple and mountain ash, the press service of the national park reports.

“On a festive day, March 8, the park staff observed in a flat cluster of“ drunken ”waxwings. Crested beauties waddled about in the snow, hardly coordinating their movements, and some birds lay in the snow, not responding to people. The reason for alcohol intoxication was eating apple fruits and Siberian mountain ash, in which the fermentation process began, “the message says.

The press service explained that with the melting of the snow, the previously fallen fruits became available to the birds. The sugars in the pulp turn into ethyl alcohol in warm weather. The liver of birds cannot cope with the load – in addition to alcohol poisoning, birds suffer from intoxication with the waste products of molds.

In the national park, visitors are asked not to disturb the birds – they do not need help or treatment. When the “intoxication” has passed, they will return to their usual way of life. The diameter of the fruit body of the fungus was 60 centimeters. According to scientists, such dimensions are not the limit for the growth of a raincoat.

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