In Moscow and the region at the weekend fell a quarter of the monthly rainfall

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. In Moscow and the region, the last snowfall provided almost a quarter of the monthly norm of precipitation, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand told RIA Novosti. “How much snow fell? was in Moscow.Balchug is the center, 3.5 millimeters of precipitation fell on March 7 and 8, in Tushino – 8 millimeters of precipitation, at VDNKh – 7 millimeters of precipitation. Given that the monthly norm is 34 millimeters (snow and rain), it is understandable that's almost a quarter, “said Wilfand.

He noted that the maximum amount in Moscow and the region on March 7 was 4 millimeters, on the night of March 8, another 4.4 millimeters fell, and in the region on March 7, 8 millimeters fell, and at night – 5 millimeters.

According to the Hydrometeorological Center, snowdrifts in Moscow have grown by 5-10 centimeters.

Wilfand said that there is usually very little rainfall on 8 March.

“For example, for March 9, the record value (precipitation – ed.) Is 15.2 millimeters, March 10 – 13.5 millimeters … 12 – 29.5 millimeters, and on March 8 for the entire observation period 6.6 millimeters of precipitation fell and then in 1893 “, – said Wilfand.

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