In Mexico, more than 80 people were injured in a feminist rally against violence

MEXICO, 9 Mar – RIA Novosti. Mexican feminists, protesting against discrimination and violence on March 8, doused with gasoline and set fire to a female police cordon with shields: 62 police officers and 19 civilians were injured, according to the Ministry of Public Security of the Mexican capital.

On Monday, Mexico City hosted a march of solidarity in the fight for equal rights and emancipation. The capital's authorities have prudently fenced off historic buildings and monuments to protect them from vandalism.

The action started on Revolution Square in the city center, where a radical part of the protesters demolished the fence to the elevator of the 67-meter triumphal arch, and then with hammers and paint went to the Independence Square to the National Palace.

At the final point of the path, under the presidential balcony, the radicals managed to break the metal fence of the building, where they were met by an unarmed cordon. Activists doused women police officers standing in the opening with gasoline and set them on fire. “During the march organized in honor of International Women's Day, 62 police officers and 19 civilians have been injured. “- reported on Twitter of the Ministry of Public Security.

Journalists, according to activists, who incorrectly covered the problem of oppression of women in the country, were pushed out of the action and doused with paint. One of the cameramen, who was in the crowd, was hit with a hammer on the camera and with a chain on the head, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

According to statistics, 10 women are killed every day in Mexico, more than half of them are killed by partners or relatives. From January to June 2020, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 1,844 women were killed in Mexico, of which 73% were killed with the use of weapons or strangulation, 30% of them in their homes. During this period, the country's emergency services received 132,110 complaints of alleged violence against women. 7866 alleged victims of rape and 21 alleged victims of human trafficking were registered. 50% of crimes against women in Mexico go unpunished.

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