In Makhachkala, more than 20 people went to hospitals with poisoning

MAKHACHKALA, March 9 – RIA Novosti. More than 20 people went to hospitals in Makhachkala with signs of poisoning, most of them are children, the press service of the Dagestan Ministry of Health told RIA Novosti.

“On Monday, 24 people went to the Makhachkala hospitals with signs of poisoning, including 22 children,” the agency's source said.

The department clarified that the causes of the poisoning are being investigated.

Over the past six months, this is the sixth mass poisoning in Dagestan. From February 23 to February 24, 29 patients turned to the Caspian Central City Hospital with symptoms of intestinal infection, of which 26 were children, mainly of preschool age. Poor-quality tap water was the cause of the poisoning. Also in February, according to the Ministry of Health of the region, dysentery was recorded in the Khunzakh district, 96 people turned to doctors with discomfort, 65 of them were children. From January 9 to January 18, 2021, more than 300 people turned to medical institutions in Buinaksk, including 246 children, they were diagnosed with an acute intestinal infection caused by water from a common water supply system.

From 3 to 7 November 2020, 40 cases of acute intestinal infection were registered in Makhachkala, 39 people were hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital, including 12 children. After interviewing the patients, a single factor of transmission of infection was established, they all bought food in the same cafe. From 8 to 11 October, 75 cases of acute intestinal infection were registered among children attending kindergartens in Makhachkala.

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