HRC member explained the high level of corruption in Moscow

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. The high level of corruption activity in Moscow is associated with the concentration of federal and municipal powers in the city and a large amount of budgetary funds of various levels, said Kirill Kabanov, member of the HRC, head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee.

Earlier, Viktor Baldin, head of the department for overseeing the implementation of anti-corruption legislation of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, told RIA Novosti that Moscow headed the top ten regions of the Russian Federation, which in 2020 became the leaders in the number of registered cases of bribery.

“Moscow will always remain among the leaders, because (here – ed.) The concentration of federal powers, a huge number of municipal powers, but most importantly, a huge amount of budget funds of different levels. That is, corruption attractiveness, corruption risks are very high. Accordingly, Moscow like any capitals, they always remain in the zone of corruption activity, “Kabanov told RIA Novosti.

Also, according to him, it is predictable that Tatarstan will become one of the leaders because of criminal cases and scandals, including those related to the region's municipality. “It is clear that Kostroma is at the lowest level, because the degree of trust in the authorities, in (the governor of the Kostroma region Sergey) Sitnikov and the degree of the general anti-corruption situation is very good … The government is accessible and transparent. Yes, there are problems with the budget. , the region is poor. But at the same time corruption was not noticed there. And we already have a lot of such regions. And not only Kostroma, “he explained.

As for the statistics, according to which, in 2020, about 18% of convicts received real imprisonment under corruption articles, a suspended sentence – 35%, and a fine – 40%, here, according to Kabanov, it is generally wrong to divide bribes into small or large ones.

“I have only one approach – for corruption crimes should be punished as treason to the Motherland … When citizens come to municipal, state or federal service, they sign certain agreements – in fact, this is an analogy of taking the oath. Many municipal employees even take the oath in a number of regions … There is no petty or major betrayal of the oath of allegiance among military personnel … It's the same here, a person who betrays the interests of the service, he betrays the interests of his homeland, state, society, “he stressed.

Also, as Kabanov noted, almost a thousand law enforcement officers and more than 500 officials convicted in 2020 for corruption crimes is a serious figure, according to him, the anti-corruption system is working.

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