Authorities control food prices, Kremlin officials said

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. The government is managing to cope with rising food prices, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“We know that the market is under pressure from a number of factors, which pushes the level of food prices to volatility, but at the same time, the government is quite effective in absorbing the influence of these factors,” said Peskov.

At the briefing, the Kremlin speaker was also asked about the initiative of State Duma deputy Anatoly Vyborny, who proposed punishing the spread of fakes that allegedly provoke “a rush of demand for food and a rise in prices.” Peskov said that he had heard about the bill, but did not go into details, so he could not say if the Kremlin has any position on this issue.

He noted that “there are many fake messages,” but “each specific case must be considered.”

“If, for example, we consider messages that do not correspond to the data of sociologists or some generalized data as fakes – but we all know that in different outlets there can be different prices, and what is considered fake here too? I just don't know how it is is formulated by the author of this initiative, “added Peskov.

On Tuesday, the Cabinet of Ministers announced the introduction of constant monitoring of prices for basic goods and services, assigning to ministries and departments the groups of goods and services for which they are appointed responsible. They will react to a significant rise in price.

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