A neighbor told about a model suspected of beating up a grandmother

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. A neighbor of a photo model suspected of beating her 81-year-old grandmother spoke about family relationships before the incident.

Thus, a man invited to the scene as an attesting witness said that the family looked intelligent. The victim, a candidate of medical sciences, “did everything” for her granddaughter, who was busy with her studies.

According to a neighbor, the model admitted to the police that she could hit the old woman several times, but she herself does not remember the details. “The grandmother, apparently, reprimanded her, called her a failure. The girl hit her in the face with her palm, then said that she hit her with her fist,” the man said in a comment to the “360” TV channel.

Further, from the words of the suspect, it turned out that after the blow, the elderly woman allegedly knocked on the corner of the door and fell, hitting her head again, but this time on the tiles.

According to a RIA Novosti source in law enforcement agencies, the 25-year-old model (her name is not named) is suspected of beating her grandmother, who was hospitalized with eye damage, while drunk on the night of March 7. At the same time, the girl tried to hide the truth about her act, first stating that the pensioner herself fell.

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