Ukrainian delegation tried to “remove” Crimeans from the OSCE meeting

SIMFEROPOL, March 8 – RIA Novosti. Representatives of Kiev put pressure on Crimeans during an OSCE online meeting on media freedom and gender equality, said the head of the Ukrainian community of Crimea, Anastasia Gridchina.

“After my speech, a representative of the Ukrainian delegation, referring to the fact that my colleague and editor-in-chief of the Crimean newspaper Maria Volkonskaya, represent the occupied territory, demanded to remove us from the virtual space at the OSCE site,” Gridchina told RIA Novosti.

According to her, representatives of the United States, Great Britain, Canada and a number of EU countries also criticized and condemned the Crimeans.

Gridchina stressed that her speech was dedicated to journalism in Crimea.

“I also talked about threats from various users from the territory of Ukraine that came to me on the Internet as the head of the first Ukrainian-language news agency Crimea Today in Crimea,” she explained.

She added that the news agency “Crimea Today” is ready to present to the Western media, receiving distorted information about life on the peninsula, a reliable picture of the situation in the region.

OSCE online meetings will run from 8 to 9 March.

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