The Moscow POC explained the reasons for the exclusion of Litvinovich

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. Marina Litvinovich, a member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (POC), whose candidacy was presented for expulsion from the POC of Moscow, repeatedly violated the code of ethics, improperly performed her duties, and also disclosed the investigation data, disseminated false information and “imposed” a lawyer on prisoners, RIA Novosti reported. in the PMC.

Earlier, Litvinovich published a message on Telegram that the POC of Moscow voted to begin the process of excluding her from the commission. According to her, this decision was made due to the disclosure by her in an interview to the Dozhd TV channel of the data of the investigation, which was conducted in relation to FBK * lawyer Lyubov Sobol. 22 members of the commission voted against Litvinovich, seven people voted in favor, three more abstained.

“A member of the Moscow POC, Marina Litvinovich, has repeatedly received appeals from citizens, lawyers of suspects and accused and government bodies on the facts of her violation of the code of ethics of members of the POC, the 76th Federal Law” On public control over the provision of human rights in places of detention and on assistance to persons who are in places of detention “and the regulations of the POC of the city of Moscow,” the commission said.

According to the POC, Litvinovich repeatedly disclosed the data of the investigation, improperly performed her duties, used the data received from suspects and accused in the media to the detriment of prisoners, and also repeatedly disseminated false information.

“The POC of Moscow has repeatedly conveyed to the members of the POC of Moscow information about the inadmissibility of such violations, but at the same time proceeded from the fact that Litvinovich is an active member of the Commission in terms of visits to places of detention, and she will take into account in her further work the questions of ethical and of a legal nature, “the commission added.

In addition, the POC noted that in her publication on Telegram, Litvinovich did not report that the violation was recorded from the words of the lawyer Sobol, who, during the broadcast on the Dozhd TV channel, said: “Thank you very much Litvinovich, who disclosed the data of the investigation.” “After these words, an interview with Marina Litvinovich was analyzed, where the fact of violation of the law, the code of ethics of members of the POC and the regulations of the POC of Moscow was confirmed,” the commission noted.

In addition, the commission added that Litvinovich “imposed” a lawyer on a citizen accused of high treason, which a human rights activist has no right to do.

It is noted that at the meeting of the Moscow POC on March 5, violations by other members of the Moscow commission were also discussed.

* Non-profit organization acting as a foreign agent

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