The investigator showed an unknown note from the “Skopinsky maniac”

MOSCOW, 8 MarchRIA Novosti. Investigator Dmitry Plotkin, who 17 years ago dealt with the case of the “Skopinsky maniac” Viktor Mokhov, showed a note on the Russia 1 TV channel that was not included in the case materials. “Aging animals (dogs, cats) also get younger when communicating with young people. the same people, “- wrote Mokhov.

According to Plotkin, the “Skopinsky maniac” called the kidnapped girls “rabbits” and also promised to “kill and bury” them.

In 2000, a locksmith Mokhov from the town of Skopin, Ryazan Region, kidnapped two girls of 14 and 17 years old and kept them in a basement for almost four years. In captivity, one of them gave birth to him twice, but the criminal took the children away. Mokhov starved the girls, kept them without light, beat them with a rubber hose, sprayed tear gas around the room. The girls accidentally managed to give a note to freedom, and on May 4, 2004, they were released.

On August 30, 2005, the Skopinsky District Court sentenced Mokhov to 17 years in a strict regime colony, but taking into account the changes introduced by the Pugachevsky District Court on July 24, 2012, this term was reduced to 16 years and ten months. Mokhov was released on March 3 this year.

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