The doctor explained how to eat fruit correctly

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. Fruits eaten at the wrong time can harm the body. When and with what products it is best to use them, Rimma Moysenko, the head physician of the Rimmarita clinic, therapist and nutritionist, explained in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to her, the idea of the unconditional benefits of fruit is a delusion, just like the hopes for this product of people who want to lose weight or maintain a slim figure. In no case should you replace the usual meal with fruits, because such experiments disrupt lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in the body, the doctor emphasized. It is especially dangerous for health to do this in the evenings.

Let's say a person dined, then stayed late at work, got hungry, decided not to wait for a homemade dinner, and “starved the worm” with fruit. It is strongly discouraged to do so, said Rimma Moysenko. “Eating” hunger with fruit in the evenings, you can bring the body to a hormonal disruption leading to weight gain, she warned. “The fruit immediately affects the cerebral cortex, and it ceases to feel the hormone leptin, which regulates energy metabolism. “, I don't want to eat. But against this background, the level of leptin rises, and the brain ceases to feel it. The fruit can lead to leptin resistance, a formidable complication in which the brain does not understand how much energy it has, begins to save and store it. He does not understand, that a person needs to lose weight, “- explained the nutritionist.

In general, eating fruit in the afternoon is undesirable, she said. It is better to include them in your diet, focusing on the first hours after breakfast and combining them with other foods.

“You can eat a hard fruit, no more than one per day, before lunch, and an hour and a half after breakfast. If as a second breakfast, it can be a fruit with some other additive, for example, a pear with beets or an apple with carrots “, – advised Rimma Moysenko.

In her opinion, it is in combination with vegetables that fruits turn into a valuable and nutritious product.

“In this case, we get benefits from both pears and carrots: both pectin substances and fiber are in sufficient quantities, and the slow absorption of carbohydrates, which are inherent in fruits, then we get a luxurious product,” the nutritionist explained.

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